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Workforce collaboration could p...

Workforce collaboration could provide a boost to Australian economy

Improved levels of collaboration in the workforce of the nation could see the economy improve.
An improved level of collaboration in the workforce of Australia could help to boost the nation's economy, a new report has suggested.

Employment has been a key focus in the economy in recent times, and the low level of interest rates has helped to see unemployment figures drop in the past few months.

However, a new report from Deloitte commissioned by Google Australia looked at the difference between individual working and collaborative tasks, and concluded that the latter saw productivity increase by 24.4 per cent and quality by 29.2 per cent.

The researchers said that this could potentially provide a boost of some $47 million to the economy thanks to a $22.6 billion boost to productivity and a $29.2 billion boost from improved quality.

Google Enterprise Australia and New Zealand managing director Kevin Ackhurst told Private Media said collaboration is something that new business does better than larger existing companies.

"Big companies can learn a lot from start-ups. Start-ups are built on ideas and energy, and collaboration allows that to flow around the whole company," he added. 

Posted by Ravin Chatlani

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