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Sydney mansion to break 2016 sales record

A sprawling Sydney mansion is set to single-handedly break the sales record for 2016 already.

The property in question is in the northern beach area of Sydney and is one of the largest and most prestigious family estates in the region and has just hit the market, reports

It's part of the estate of Franco Belgiorno-Nettis, an Italian migrant who moved to Australia in 1951, so there is some nice background history to the property as well.

Mr Belgiorno-Nettis built this mansion, known as Portovenere, as a home for his family in the 1960s, which stands to this day as a seven-bedroom masterpiece.

In terms of its aesthetics, the property takes its inspiration from Californian Modernism architecture, with artistic flourishes.

The property is sure to generate a lot of interest due to its proximity to the harbour, which is perfect for swimming and boating.

It's also likely to see a lot of investment interest, as this kind of property would be excellent for renting out to holidaymakers in the area.

Speaking on the sale of property, Mr Belgiorno-Nettis' son Luca said it was a shame to sell it, "but it should have someone living there, we would like to see someone who appreciates the architecture".

This is more than likely to pique the interest of a buyer who likes unusual homes, as the mansion is one of Clontarf's most unique houses.

Some of its features include concrete pillars, grottos, huge and ranging wine cellars and a series of living rooms.

There is also a huge swimming pool that is at the top of the property and showcases the stunning views across the harbour, with the spacious garage sitting nicely below it.

For those who like to grill in the summer, there's a rooftop terrace to suit your needs that's big enough for a small get together or a large party.

The guide price for the property is between $12 million to $13.2 million (£6.4 million to £7.1 million), and if you really need some more space, the houses either side are also for sale.

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