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REIA claims auctioneer training...

REIA claims auctioneer training 'must be maintained'

Auctioneer qualifications must be safeguarded, the REIA has claimed.

The Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) has claimed consumers across the country will suffer if the Council of Australian Governments' (COAG) plans to change the qualifications for auctioneers are ratified.

According to the latest COAG Regulation Impact Statement, auctioneers in the future will no longer need to be trained in the interpretation of legislation or the review of contracts, despite the fact this could impact considerably on their ability to appropriately advise consumers.

REIA president Pamela Bennett commented: "Why would the government dumb down the credentials of the person handling the sale of your biggest asset? It's madness, the consumer would be at risk."

She added that there are important risks associated with any change in the qualifications for auctioneers, as in some states these individuals are responsible for signing contracts on behalf of the purchaser.

Earlier this month, Ms Bennett also spoke out against the lower standards proposed by the COAG for the new licensing rules for real estate professionals.

Posted by Craig Francis

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