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Rock legend sells Australian pr...

Rock legend sells Australian property

Icehouse frontman Iva Davies is selling his property in Lilyfield.

The most die hard rock fans dream of owning one of their heroes' cribs and with Icehouse frontman Iva Davies selling his Australian property, that is now a possibility.

Mr Davies owned the house in Lilyfield for more than 30 years, since buying it in the 1980s for $100,000. Yet he has been renting the house since 2006 and living instead in Whale Beach.

It was in his Lilyfield house that Mr Davies is supposed to have written Primitive Man album, its follow up Sidewalk and the soundtrack to the Australian film Razorback.

He is selling the property for $900,000 and it contains two bedrooms, a lounge and separate dining area.

As another house going up for sale in Sydney, where demand has been high all year, it is likely that someone will snap the place up fast.

Earlier this week, Mr Davies was awarded for his contribution to the music industry when he received the Order of Australia during the Queen's birthday weekend.

Posted by Ravin Chatlani

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