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Rain in the outback improves tourism and farming in Australia

Although some might dismay at a swathe of rain, the weather across the outback of South Australia has potentially improved conditions for local farming and tourism industries for the next year.

The area affected saw up to 150mm of rain, which filled its local Lake Eyre and has already begun to make a difference in the surrounding region.

Farmers have already reported that their brown farm land has turned green, promising a fruitful boost for this sector of the Australian economy.

In general, much rain has been recorded across the whole country, including areas that have been suffering with drought.

Queensland is one of these cities that has struggled with prolonged drought and saw some relief from the heavy downfall of weather.

It seems that the country can attribute the recent downpour to the peaking of the El Nino system, according to reports from the Bureau of Meteorology.

Although the weather is still very hot, charter pilot Trevor Wright, who surveyed the outback surrounding Lake Eyre said that he is hopeful there will be more follow-up rain to make this year "magnificent".  

Mr Wright has said that an increase in the population of Australia's birdlife and particularly of budgies is a positive sight around the area of Lake Eyre as it suggests that the area is seeing a sustained increase in water.

Lake Eyre marks the lowest natural point in Australia, as such it is a popular tourist attraction for the country and signs of more rain promise a good tourist season, which is marked between the months of March and October each year. This time of year is of paramount importance to the country and Mr Wright has said that 80 per cent of his work is for the benefit of the tourism season.

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