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Property buyers should look wit...

Property buyers should look within their means

People migrating to Australia should experience more of the country and buy within their means.

Australian property is achievable for people planning to move to the country, but they should make sure they stay within their means.

This is the opinion of Paul Collins, editor of the British website BuyAssociation, who supported the idea that people should experience more of the country before moving there. He suggested this because of the distance between the UK and Australia.

Mr Collins said: "Try to visit for a reasonable amount of time before you take the plunge, and try to live as you would if you moved there – rent a house rather than live in hotels, and try to mix with the local population."

He also reminded people who were keen to buy a house to ensure that they were purchasing within their means.

Because the country's property market is so popular, house prices are known to be particularly high.

Nevertheless, Australia still remains an attractive country for people to migrate to.

It is the most popular destination for people migrating from the South East of Asia.

Posted by Ravin Chatlani



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