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New brand and marketing chief f...

New brand and marketing chief for Tourism WA

Former City of Perth marketing manager Louise Scott is to become the new marketing and branding chief for Tourism West Australia (Tourism WA).

Tourism WA is set to launch a new brand platform this year and has split its marketing division into two for this purpose, reports The West Australian.

As the State Government's tourism promotion agency, Tourism WA oversees the spending of a $43.5 million (£22.2 million) annual marketing budget.

Ms Scott will be taking control of the strategy, brand and marketing services division of Tourism WA's new platform.

Speaking on the new appointment, chief executive of Tourism WA Stephanie Buckland said that it's hoped that Ms Scott will be part of the "bid to increase the number of holiday and leisure visitors to WA from interstate and overseas".

Ms Buckland spoke on the general structural changes that Tourism WA is going through to improve its message to prospective visitors to this area of the country and said that she hopes these changes will also help to improve industry in this part of Australia.

She commented: "This change in structure will enhance, expand and better leverage our partnerships with the tourism industry and other government agencies (and) create new partnerships."

Tourism is already a massive part of WA's industry and economy as it currently provides jobs to 94,000 people, which is equal to around seven per cent of the overall employment in the area, according to Tourism WA.

The governing body for tourism in WA also found that between January and September 2015, tourists spent around $8.9 billion (£4.4 billion) in this area of the country.

Due to such promising figures and with the changes to Tourism WA's structure, the government is hopeful that the figure will raise to $12 billion (£5.9 billion) in the next four years.

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