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Mining gets a boost from China

Mining gets a boost from China

Following a deal between China and Australia, a mining project in the Duguld River is due to receive funding.
<p $$hash="6746-0"><span $$hash="6745-0">Australia and China have announced a partnership that will include funding for a zinc mining project in the Duguld River in Queensland.

<p $$hash="6749-0"><span $$hash="6748-0">Prime minister Julia Gillard and the Chinese premier Li Keqiang attended the signing of the financial deal for the project after having agreed to their partnership over a telephone call last month.

<p $$hash="6761-0"><span $$hash="6808-0">Ms Gillard hopes that the partnership with China will put Australia at an advantage to other countries.

<p $$hash="6760-0"><span $$hash="6759-0">Mining has been one of the areas that has produced a lot of revenue for Australia, as people have been keen to invest in this. However, as this mining investment boom has been dying down, economists have been looking towards other markets to see how the country can gain a financial boost.

<p $$hash="6757-0"><span $$hash="6758-0">The housing market is one of the areas that seems to be helping to boost Australia’s economy, as house prices have been rising over a number of months and consumers have been more confident about investing.

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