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Indonesians look to invest in A...

Indonesians look to invest in Australian property

New visa schemes are making Australia more appealing to Indonesian migrants.
<div $$hash="8381-0"><p $$hash="8405-0">Australia’s property market is becoming increasingly popular among Indonesian investors.



<p $$hash="8403-0">Real estate companies like Ray White have been promoting property sales in Indonesia.



<p $$hash="8364-0">Following the introduction of the significant investor visa, Australia could become easier to emigrate to for wealthy Indonesians.



<p $$hash="8407-0">Migrants can move to Australia using this visa if they invest $5 million in approved state bonds. This will allow them to live in the country for up to five years. The Australian government has made the visa available partly to encourage economic growth using the cash injections from wealthy migrants.



<p $$hash="8409-0">The significant investor visa has also been attracting prospective migrants from China. The option to migrate to Australia has become more appealing to the Chinese lately, partly due to the recent increases in property taxes that China has experienced.



<p $$hash="8411-0">People in Indonesia could look to emigrate to Australia due to the country’s relatively close proximity and because of its strong economic position compared to other countries worldwide.



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