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Could providing free Wi-Fi have...

Could providing free Wi-Fi have a big impact on Australian immigration

Many companies across the nation are not providing free Wi-Fi.
Before a person moves to a new nation to live, they will have many things to consider, such as the quality of life, the quality of property and their ability to live a lifestyle that at least mirrors that they experienced back home.

But Australian businesses have been warned they could be harming the nation's prospects of attracting new overseas immigrants, with a lack of free Wi-Fi in outlets, eateries and bars being a problem.

In other countries around the world, free Wi-Fi is a standard that customers see almost everywhere with a range of hotspots on offer. However, in Australia, while 80 per cent admit that their customers expect them to provide free Wi-Fi, only some 43 per cent actually do so, according to a Time Warner Cable-commissioned survey.

Satya Parimi, a vice president with Time Warner Cable's division that provides communications services to businesses, said: "We were surprised by the results of the survey.

"They just don't want to take on situations where things could go wrong."

Posted by Craig Francis

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