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Australia looks to build greener properties

Attendees of the Green Cities 2013 conference said that Australian property is becoming greener.
<div $$hash="8807-0"><p $$hash="8817-0">Property officials are confident that Australia is moving towards developing greener properties.



<p $$hash="8806-0">Speakers and delegates gathered for the 2013 Green Cities convention in Sydney, including the Green Building Council of Australia and the Property Council of Australia.



<p $$hash="8816-0">It was agreed that reducing the carbon footprint of Australian property relies on people collectively aiming to be more green.



<p $$hash="8827-0">Chief executive for the Property Council of Australia, Peter Verwer, said: “Sustainability begins with optimism about human nature and human endeavor.”



<p $$hash="8829-0">He stated that developers should look to encourage growth and give support to cities under what he called a ‘green modernism’.



<p $$hash="8831-0">Property developers have been moving towards building more environmentally friendly buildings. These are rated on the Green Star system.



<p $$hash="8833-0">Melbourne is one of the cities with the most Green Star buildings. High rise apartment towers have been built in the city’s central business district, with more being planned in the future.



<p $$hash="8835-0">Posted by Craig Francis

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