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SMATS Group are international leaders in providing Australian taxation, finance and property investment services to Australian expatriates, foreign investors and intended migrants. No other company offers the range of services, accessibility, global expertise and experience.

We consider our clients to be part of our extended family, so creating a lifetime relationship and ensuring they are always happy is what really matters. Celebrating our 25 year anniversary and winning multiple internationally recognised industry awards is testament to the value we place on quality service.

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Sign the Petition on Australian Tax Residency Changes

The Australian Government has published their intentions to change Australian Residency tax rules that would have very serious and unreasonable consequences for Australian expatriates.

Join SMATS Group as we fight against the unfair introduction of Australian Residency Rule changes.

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Aussie Expat Book

If you are an Aussie Expat then this book is a must.

At last, one concise and informative reference for all the answers you have been looking for.

It is the essential guide that will assist you with the Australian tax issues that you may face as an expatriate. It will explain what you need to know when you leave Australia, the period while you are away and what to do when you return.

Discover all the unique advantages available to you and how to maximise your time as an Expat to return to Australia and live financially sound for the rest of your Australian life.

Available in both hardcopy and eBook format

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