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GPS Strategic

Your Opportunity to own a Strategic Shareholding in SMATS Group & Griffin Group

Directors of SMATS Group and Griffin Group, Steve Douglas and Greg Devine, are delighted to offer you the opportunity to become part of our exciting future.

A small group of wholesale investors are invited to become part owners of the global company, GPS Strategic Pty Ltd (GPS).

GPS is a future merger of established international businesses, SMATS Group and Griffin Group which is taking the steps to become a listed company on the ASX.

Early-stage investors in GPS via a Convertible Note will:

  • Receive 16% p.a. bonus shares upon a conversion event and your election to convert your notes to shares; and
  • Earn 4% p.a. interest prior to a conversion event paid quarterly.

The money raised from the Convertible Notes will fund growth strategies to expand GPS’s service offerings and grow the groups’ distribution base.

Griffin Group

What is a Convertible Note?

The Convertible Note is a hybrid security with debt- and equity-like features.

The Convertible Note typically starts off as a loan and pays interest per annum to the investor prior to a conversion event.

The Convertible Note may be converted into shares into the issuing company or repaid in full at the expiry of its term or earlier if there is a conversion event.


Why am I being invited to be part of this unique opportunity?

This exclusive opportunity is only available to personally selected wholesale clients of SMATS Group and Griffin Group that have been pivotal in building the companies to date.

The Convertible Note offers a rare opportunity for a select group of private investors to become a strategic shareholder in SMATS Group and Griffin Group and become part of the future growth strategy.

Why are SMATS Group and Griffin Group launching the Convertible Note offer?

After many years of successfully growing their respective businesses, the Directors of SMATS Group and Griffin Group, wish to open their businesses to public ownership and raise capital for expansion.

The funds raised will facilitate a faster expansion of the Groups’ growth plans than would otherwise be the case, and enable the Groups to benefit through the multiple acquisition or investment opportunities which present themselves in the market. It is important to note that this is not a cash-out exercise.

The initial stage of this is to raise money under this Convertible Note offer to fund a number of growth strategies that the Groups are focusing on and to acquire interests in bolt-on companies that complement and add to the existing services that the Groups offer their clients, and to grow the distribution base.

Who is GPS Strategic Pty Ltd?

GPS Strategic Pty Ltd is an Australian Investment Company that intends to own, or have major ownership (control) in, financial services and property businesses and assets across Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.

The long-term goal of the business is to build a multinational business specialising in financial services, accounting & tax, funds management, asset management, property development and real estate sales.

The core assets of GPS will ultimately be the ownership of or the key revenue generating assets of SMATS Group and Griffin Group, whom are both companies with a proven track record of operational and financial success.


What are the potential financial returns?

Early-stage investors in the Convertible Note will earn 4% interest per annum prior to a conversion event and benefit from up to 16% bonus shares per annum upon conversion to shares in the GPS.

  Annual Interest Payable Bonus Interest if not converted Conversion Bonus
Return 4% p.a. interest 2% p.a. bonus interest 16% p.a. bonus share issue
Timing Paid quarterly in arrears On a Conversion Event if you choose not to convert to equity Upon conversion to equity

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Steve Douglas

Founded by Steve Douglas in 1995, SMATS Group is an international market leader in providing Australian taxation, finance and property services to Australian expatriates, foreign Investors and intended migrants to Australia.

The SMATS Group of companies provide a unique comprehensive and personalised service aimed to reduce the fear and misconceptions surrounding Australian taxation obligations, Australian finance, wealth management and Australian property investment.

SMATS Group has established a trusted position market over more than 28 years, by assisting clients every step of the way to achieve their goals, minimise risks and maximise financial opportunities. With a focus on providing ongoing education and clearly communicated strategies to inspire confidence in proceeding with activity in the Australian property or financial sector.

SMATS Group have grown to become a multi-award winning global organisation with offices in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Shanghai, Dubai, London, New York, New York, Perth, Melbourne, Torquay, Sydney and Brisbane.

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Griffin Group
Greg Devine

Griffin Projects Group Pty Ltd is a privately-owned, boutique private investment and development group head quartered in Perth and Singapore with team members in Melbourne, Brisbane, and Adelaide.

Founded in 2011 by Greg Devine, Griffin Group specialises in wholesale sophisticated investment products supporting boutique small-to-medium urban infill residential and commercial developments.

Over the past 11 years, Griffin has built a strong and loyal client base throughout Australia and Asia. Our structured investment offerings provide the opportunity for qualified clients to expand their investment portfolio and invest in property development projects without the financial outlay and risks generally associated with the traditional property investment model.

The success of Griffin’s project model is founded on the ability to source development land that meets our rigorous property criteria. Each site is assessed on liveability factors including proximity to transport and amenities such as cafes, restaurants and hotels that are close to major places of work. Each project creates an opportunity for downsizers looking to move from large family homes into quality apartments and townhouses in their local area.

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Disclaimer: GPS Strategic Pty Ltd ACN 646 099 185 is the Issuer of the Convertible Note. The Convertible Note is licensed by SMATS Consortium Pty Ltd (Licensee) under AFSL 480476. The information presented on this website is general information only and not intended to be financial product advice. It has not been prepared taking into account your investment objective, financial situation and needs and should not be used as the basis for making investment decisions. You should obtain professional advice prior to making any investment decision to invest in the Convertible Note. To the extent permitted by law, no liability is accepted by the Company or Licensee, or their Directors or employees for any loss or damage as a result of reliance on this information. The Convertible Note offer is  restricted to wholesale investors only. Features of the offer are further explained in the Information Memorandum as are the risks and benefits of a potential investment in Convertible Notes. Please contact your SMATS representative should you wish to obtain a copy of the Information Memorandum. Click here for our Privacy Collection Statement and Privacy Policy.

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