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15th Annual Market Update Webinar

Welcome to the new world!

COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on the world.

Whilst stock markets have experienced a short correction followed by a push to all-time highs, Governments have plunged into debt by introducing stimulus packages to support and rebuild their economies. Our biggest challenge ahead is national debt recovery and how we go about our new "COVID Normal" lives.

As global vaccination rates increase, borders are re-opening and travel is returning. Australia has been one of the safest places on earth during the pandemic, however the recent Delta outbreak in Sydney and Melbourne have demonstrated how quickly freedom of movement can be revoked. How Australia reacts and accepts our new existence will have an important impact on how our economies and livelihood will rebound.

Globally, property has shown great resilience as people rediscovered the importance of a comfortable abode in times of lockdowns and movement restrictions. The Australian property market has performed exceptionally well, with all capital cities experiencing double digit growth, fuelled by high demand, short supply, record low interest rates and a resurgence in owner-occupier levels. Is this a bubble or natural adjustment and does it have sustainability?

2022 shapes up to be the year of re-emergence as world economies open-up and they rebuild their tourism and aviation sectors that were ravaged by COVID-19. No doubt there will be more hurdles and casualties as we move forward, but the vaccines have provided genuine hope needed to build a new world together.

View this free webinar as we discuss:

  • Global financial markets, issues & influence on our daily lives;
  • Australian property markets, driving factors and has it peaked?
  • International markets review & forecast;
  • Australian Dollar review & prediction;
  • Interest rates and how long will low rates remain?
  • Australian property market prospects for 2021/2022.

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