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Investing in Australian Property Development Projects

SMATS Australian Development Equity Fund provides a unique opportunity to invest in expected profitable Australian property development opportunities from the earliest phase of their lifecycle, allowing investors to reap the benefits of the developments’ margin.

SMATS Australian Development Equity Fund is suitable for long term investors seeking equity type returns from Australian property development projects. The trustee of the Fund is SMATS Consortium Pty Ltd. The trustee will appoint SMATS Asset Management Pty Ltd to approve, manage and monitor the investments of the Fund.

Potential projects will be identified via carefully screened trusted business partners, and equity funding will be deployed if approved. The Fund will have the ability to assess opportunities, make fast decisions and deploy funds promptly, to capture market opportunities as they arise.


  • Land subdivision
  • Multi townhouse construction
  • Low to medium density residential unit developments
  • Mixed use residential and commercial developments up to 8 levels in height
  • Commercial developments

Fund Type:

  • The Fund is an open ended equity growth fund
  • No leverage

Investment targets:

  • The Fund is targeting a gross IRR of 18% pa on projects
  • The Fund will hold a portfolio of projects across different sectors and geographies in Australia
  • Expected life cycle of most projects to complete is 3-4 years

Equity capital deployment:

  • Maximum single project equity allocation is A$5M from the Fund
  • Projects will require a minimum of 20% of equity as a portion of the total development cost of the project.

Minimum investment:

  • A$100,000


  • Wholesale investors only may apply
  • Redemptions are subject to a 4 year lock-in period and approval of the trustee
  • Foreign investors cannot hold more than 5% of the Fund without FIRB approval

DISCLAIMER: SMATS Consortium Pty Ltd ACN 603 784 452 is the Licensee, Issuer and Trustee of the SMATS Australian Development Equity Unit Trust. The Fund is licensed by SMATS Consortium Pty Ltd under AFSL 480476. SMATS Asset Management Pty Ltd ACN 659 315 554 is the Investment Manager of the fund and is a Corporate Authorised Representative of the Licensee. The information presented in this flyer is general information only and not intended to be financial product advice. It has not been prepared considering your investment objectives, financial situation and needs and should not be used as the basis for making investment decisions. Should you wish to invest you should request the Fund Information Memorandum to ensure that you are fully informed before making an investment decision. You are recommended to obtain professional advice prior to making any investment decision to invest in the Fund. To the extent permitted by law, no liability is accepted by the Fund, Licensee, Investment Manager or their Directors for any loss or damage as a result of reliance on this information.

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