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Karen Pamintuan

Karen Pamintuan

Property Management Assistant - Melbourne

Karen Pamintuan is our dedicated Property Management Assistant at our Melbourne office, committed to delivering excellent results to clients. Since joining our team, Karen is known for her meticulous attention to detail, outstanding organisational skills, and commitment to excellence. She understands the importance of administrative efficiency and exceeding client’s customer service experience.
Karen’s responsibilities encompass a wide range of tasks, these include administrative tasks, lease management and tenant communication. She efficiently manages administrative tasks to ensure the smooth operations within the property management division. This includes overseeing new leases, handling lease renewals, managing rent increases, and coordinating routine inspection notices. Additionally, Karen is responsible for handling bond lodgements and participating in audits to ensure compliance and accuracy.
With years of experience within the property management industry, Karen is highly organised and ensures accuracy in all aspects of her work. While capable of working independently, she excels as a team player, collaborating effectively with colleagues to achieve common goals. She is adaptable, reliable, honest, and accurate in everything she does, which makes her an invaluable asset to our team.
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