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Alexander Gorejena

Alexander Gorejena

Junior Property Manager - Melbourne

Alexander Gorejena is our friendly and dedicated Junior Property Manager based in our Melbourne office, who brings a wealth of real estate expertise and positive enthusiasm to our team.
His experience in leasing property management has enhanced his skills in tenant interaction, market analysis and problem solving. Alexander is passionate about delivering exceptional service and results to clients, which is evident in his ability to engage and communicate efficiently with clients.
Alexander is responsible for conducting property opens, evaluating rental eligibility criteria, as well as promptly addressing tenant inquiries and concerns. Additionally, Alexander collaborates seamlessly with the property management team to implement marketing strategies, as well as stay on top of local area property market knowledge to inform decision making processes.
He is a diligent professional who listens attentively and works meticulously to ensure the needs of his clients are met efficiently, Alexander is devoted to building strong tenant and landlord relationships. He pays close attention to the needs of all his clients, whilst fostering trust and satisfaction in everything he does.
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