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17th Annual Market Update Seminar

Fantasy Island - Why Australian property keeps performing

The 'Great Australian Dream' of property ownership has spanned hundreds of years. This passion is shared by many foreign nationals who favour our wonderful island for its economic and political stability, high standard of living and an unbeatable lifestyle.

Despite our property markets stellar performance and rise in housing values, there continues to be noise suggesting the Australian property market is due for a collapse.

However, even with genuine concern around interest rate increases and mounting building costs, the property market remains stable with underlying upward price pressure created by local demand and overseas migration.

So, should we remain optimistic the Australian property market will continue to grow, or is this position unsustainable? And, how will Australia’s performance and currency value be impacted by the global economy which remains uncertain and volatile?

Whilst headlines persist with global recession predictions, the war in Ukraine, USA debt ceiling extension, upcoming elections, and a forecasted Australian property market collapse. But how concerned should we really be?

Enjoy the webinar as Steve shares his unique perspective and future predictions on:

  • Global financial markets, issues & influence on our daily lives;
  • The reasons the Australian property market continues to trend upwards;
  • Australian Dollar review and prediction;
  • Have interest rates peaked or should we expect more rises?
  • Australian property market prospects for 2023/2024

Steve Douglas

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