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About Specialist Mortgage

Specialist Mortgage was established in Australia in 1991, with the objective of providing personalised assistance and advice to clients seeking finance to acquire Australian property. Today, we have offices located worldwide and a team of Finance Executives that travel extensively to meet the needs of all our valued clients.

Specialist Mortgage was the first and remains the largest mortgage originator operating in South East Asia to provide all types of lending options to Australian property investors. As international market leaders, we have arranged more than 3000 loans for South East Asian property investors and are well versed in the challenges facing offshore property purchasers. We have extensive expertise in foreign currency lending and secure well in excess of A$100 Million of Australian property finance each month.

We hold an Australian Credit License and are licensed under ASIC in Australia, and therefore are required to act independently and in and unbiased manner for all our clients. As the pioneers in the market, Specialist Mortgage has developed relationships with over 30 Australian and International finance institutions and has hundreds of lending products at our disposal. Specialist Mortgage ensures you benefit through our expertise at assessing the best options based on personal circumstances and aggressive negotiation with banks.

Specialist Mortgage are experts at arranging special finance packages, whether it be establishing or renegotiating finance for new property investments or utilizing existing equity in your Australian property to purchase another. Funding is arranged for all forms of property acquisition including:

MFAA Accredited Finance Broker
  • Off Plan Purchases
  • Land & Construction
  • New and Established Apartments
  • Established Housing
  • Vacant Land
  • Full Development Funding

We are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition from sale to settlement and never charge you for our Specialist Mortgage services as we are paid through the banks. In addition to our FREE MORTGAGE ASSESSMENT we offer all our clients access to our comprehensive suite of SMATS Group services including Australian Taxation and Property Services. We actively educate and assist you in the process of delivering tax effective and reduced risk investment strategies, which may maximise investment returns and optimise your financial position.


International Brokerage of the Year - Specialist Finance Group Awards 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Helen Avis (Director) - Top 100 Mortgage Broker Award - Mortgage Professional Australia 2021

Helen Avis (Director) - WA Broker of the Year - Specialist Finance Group Awards 2021

Helen Avis (Director) - National Broker of the Year for Residential Lending - Specialist Finance Group Awards 2021

Helen Avis (Director) - International Broker of the Year - Specialist Finance Group Awards 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019

Helen Avis (Director) - Flame Foundation Member St George Bank

Helen Avis (Director) - ANZ premium Broker

Helen Avis (Director) - Top Flame Broker St George Bank 2013, 2014

Specialist Mortgage Awards

Why Specialist Mortgage

Dedication to Service

We provide fast, friendly, seamless service. We clearly communicate everything you need to know throughout the process and will answer questions as they arise. We even help you complete all the application paperwork.

No Additional Costs

Our Specialist Mortgage service is FREE to our clients because we are paid by the banks. Even if your loan is not approved, you will not be charged.

Independent Advice

We deliver unbiased opinions across hundreds of different lending option from more than 30 banks. We clearly explain suitable loans, features, fees and charges. We offer advice on how much you can afford to borrow, to avoid putting yourself at financial risk.

Obligation Free

There is no obligation or cost to discuss your financial affairs. We offer a FREE review of your current or intended loans and provide FREE quotations and pre-approvals. If you decide not to proceed at any time during the process, we will not charge you.

Full Lender Analysis

We quickly compare hundreds of loan options from Australian and International banks, saving you time and money. We provide the most current, accurate and complete information to deliver you the most suitable loan for your individual circumstances.

Negotiating Power

As the largest Australian mortgage originator operating internationally, we have the power, volume and relationships to negotiate with lenders to obtain special conditions, including lower interest rates, longer terms and decreased establishment costs. We can sometimes offer better rates than the banks.

Expert Advice

Our staff are fully accredited and qualified, to ensure we provide the best service in the market. We are the market leaders in providing Australian Property and multi-currency loans to offshore investors – no other firm can match our history or expertise.

Free Access to SMATS Group Services

Unique to SMATS Group, we offer all our valued clients free access to our other services including Australian Property and Taxation Services, to assist you in optimising your financial position.

Steve Douglas on Foreign Currency Lending

As a rule, Non-Australian borrowing is only attractive at a time the Australian dollar is perceived to be weak as opportunity to make interest savings and currency gains are maximised. When the Australian dollar is considered strong it is always best to borrow in that currency, especially as the property remains as an Australian dollar asset. In the same way, foreign currency loans become most attractive when the Australian dollar is seen to be weak as the potential for currency gain is increased and this combined with the lower yield rate can be very attractive. The difficulty is in assessing what is weak or strong! If the currency seems to offer no clear direction or is considered stable, a safety position of Australian dollars is the preferred lending, as it is protected by the asset value.

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