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Jessica Eude

Jessica Eude

Property Manager - Melbourne

Jessica Eude is a hard-working Property Manager part of our Melbourne office. She is dedicated to advancing her knowledge and skillsets within the real estate industry.

Her positive demeanour and can-do attitude are evident in all aspects of her work. Since joining our team, she has quickly established herself as a dedicated professional who is always up for a challenge, making her a great asset to our team.

Jessica excels in fostering strong relationships with both tenants and property owners, prioritising open communication and mutual respect. She takes pride in her ability to organise and oversee property maintenance and compliance, ensuring that all properties are maintained to the highest standards.

Jessica's proactive approach guarantees that her tenants experience comfort and satisfaction while her owners benefit from well-maintained and compliant properties. She is a natural problem solver and finds great fulfilment in mediating conflicts and adeptly guiding discussions towards mutually beneficial outcomes.

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