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Move for single planning polic...

Move for single planning policy finalised

The latest move towards a single unified planning policy in Australia has been completed.

The Department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning has announced its latest move towards a unified planning policy for the whole of the Australian property sector.

Part 1 of the draft legislation for the employment of a new state planning policy (SPP) has been released by the authority, with interested parties able to comment on the document throughout November.

In addition, a formal 40-day consultation period on the proposals has been scheduled to begin in January next year.

The new SPP will cover the four main areas of planning and appraisal for new projects - construction, agriculture, tourism and mining.

Meanwhile, the Building and Construction in Asia 2012 - 2016 report from BIS Shrapnel earlier this month predicted a considerable rise in construction activity across Australia and the rest of the Asian continent over the coming four years.

"Asia's economic development process is a key dynamic driving construction activity," commented Adeline Wong, BIS Shrapnel senior project manager.

Posted by Craig Francis

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